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Postby Karst » Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:37 am

Hi Folks,

I have just found out something very specific and with a great impact for business to business buyers.

I looked for it here, but couldn't find it, have I missed it?

In a nutshell, if you are buying anything from a business for (or primarily for) your business, the seller has the right to restrict your rights by stating it in their Terms and Conditions.

The law has made an assumption that because you, the buyer, are in business, that you are very knowledgeable about whatever you buy for your business, so it is assumed that you know how to interpret the quality and functionality of what you are buying before you buy. And your rights to return it or have any redress about a fault with it can be removed in the Terms and Conditions of sale.

I have just found this out to my cost. I am a gardener, not a mechanic or coachworker. I just bought a van from a van dealer and like a complete rookie just trusted him that all would be good. It wasn't. It soon came to light that the van was riddled with problems, and even the MOT he obtained was bogus (I mean the tester himself had falsified it). I started contacting him the day after I took the van home, and he has been completely unhelpful. He never answered any emails (although he told me on the phone that he had read them all and he would answer). This dealer is trading as D M Vans, Great Missenden - AVOID! He is also affiliated to Chesham Vans, and his actual company name at Companies House is KARS.CO.UK LIMITED.

It turns out that he has not removed all my rights in his Terms and Conditions, so I have a legal leg to stand on.

Moderators, can you include this information properly composed as a sticky in this section? If I had read about this, and had my head screwed on, I could have avoided so much bother, and expense.
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