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leak off test 2.4di

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leak off test 2.4di

Postby kennyb11 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:22 am

hi folks hope your well, I have a 2002 mk6 jumbo 2.4 di looking for some advice on doing a leak off test on injectors ,rebuilt head a couple of months ago ,new chain tensioner guides etc .van runs like a champ and starts on the button .bit of white smoke when cold but clears after five minutes driving.faint thumping noise through resonator ,changed all the rockers ,still thumping ,all I have left to check are injectors. so if I'm right I remove leak off pipes from injectors ,blank them to stop ingress of air,connect 4 tubes into injectors ,other end into bottles then start engine ,run engine for 2 minutes then check level in bottles? what should the levels be? thanks in advance
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