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Re: alloys

Postby AndyG » Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:54 am

ake wrote:
spospe wrote:I say again that my MK5 came fitted with 5 spoke (and 5 stud) Mondeo 14 inch wheels. It was produced like that by Ford and was a special order for Autosleeper to use as the base vehicle for the Duetto motorcaravan.

I cannot say for certain what hubs are fitted to your van, but if they are 5 stud, the Mondeo 14 inch wheels should fit.

I'm sorry but you are clearly mistaken. Your MK 5 came with TRANSIT 5 stud alloy wheels which were the factory option for the MK5. As has already been said the Mondeos the same age as your van were 4 stud. The later Mondeos are 5 stud, but the wheelsDO NOT fit Ford Transits, they do however fit Ford Connects.
Your base vehicle was not a special order for auto sleeper, it was simply a 100L Transit with some factory options.

The ONLY wheels that fit straight on to Transits are Transit wheels.

Tata wheels will fit, but are even harder to find.

Landrover wheels do not fit without modification.


.................without an adapter and being lethal :wink:
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Re: alloys

Postby spospe » Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:44 am

Thanks Altransit,

So the mystery is solved.

What I have are Mondeo locking wheel nuts (I still have the packet) sold me by a wheel supplier who told me wrong!

However the alloy wheels were supplied ready fitted to the van by Ford as original equipment.
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Re: alloys

Postby Altransit » Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:48 am

Yes, the wheels are original equipment, and are fitted to many MK5 Tourneos, but they are Transit specific, and aren't fitted to anything else :)
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Re: alloys

Postby ake » Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:06 pm

spospe wrote:Ake

Take a look at: ... 8gP3prj1Dg

This should show you a selection of Autosleeper Duettos on MK5 Transits with 14 inch, 5 spoke and 5 stud alloy wheels. I was told by a specialist aftermarket wheel supplier that these wheels were the same as fitted to a Mondeo (to 100% certainty the wheel nuts are the same as for a Mondeo).

If these wheels are not Mondeo wheels then I was misinformed when I bought locking wheel nuts for them in 2001.

I knew exactly the wheels you meant, and the campers you meant, and I never argued that they weren't fitted, my point was and is that they are standard Ford Transit/Tourneo wheels which were only fitted to Transits/Tourneos, not Mondeos or any other model.

The 'Specialist aftermarket wheel supplier' was obviously mistaken. But, yes the wheel nuts are the same
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