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Mk6 Drive belt moving after engine work.

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Mk6 Drive belt moving after engine work.

Postby sealslayer » Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:05 pm

Hey guys, I had my fuel pump go on me a few weeks ago and had a new one fitted but I now seem to have a drive belt problem that wasn't there previously.
The belt appears to be moving forward towards the front of the van at the alternator and crank pullys. I bought a new belt and tensioner but its still doing it.

Looking under the van and up towards all the pullys I can see that the fan pully is very shiny where the belt should be sitting but its now much more forward towards the front of the van near where the pully starts to round off.
so I'm wondering if perhaps the garage has forgotton to replace anything here?, it doesn't look like the fan is properly housed into the shroud that covers the rad so I'm thinking its sitting too far back and this is causing the belt to slip forward and then causing the alternator pully to go out of alignment then causing the cranks pully to do the same.

Any help would me much appreciated.
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Re: Mk6 Drive belt moving after engine work.

Postby Frag » Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:30 pm

If the garage that did the pump took the front engine (timing) cover off during pump replacement,
They may have left off a triangular shaped gasket that goes between cover & block.
The idler pulley (that fan hub is on) then sits off square & does as you describe.

Seen some other numpty garage do it :roll: ,can be rectified by packing idler with a couple of washers under two rightmost bolts (to make up difference of missing gasket).
Really should be done properly (cover back off) as this gasket also seals water outlet from head.

Seen a damaged,hit in accident idler do same when fan has crushed mounting bracket out of shape.
(not so likely if ok prior pump repair)
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Re: Mk6 Drive belt moving after engine work.

Postby friertuck » Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:14 am

I had a similar problem when i had new tensioner fitted but the belt was trying to move towards the engine,
turned out they had fitted two spacer/ gaskets by mistake when they fitted new cover. so sounds like thats whats happened ie not fitted gasket, :!: got a spare if you need one will fit in a envelope :lol:
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