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lean running transit

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lean running transit

Postby pingu-nz » Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:29 pm

Hi there
I have a 1996 transit with a 2lt 8v petrol engine.
I have rebuilt the engine after a cracked head issue and now it runs lean when at operating temp.
It has a stumble off idle and under load after slowing and accelerating away at temp.
Runs great until temp comes up
egr removed and blanked off
Van dosnt seem to have a engine light, and the only code it has ever shown was oxygen sensor (blown fuse)
I have replaced
maf sensor
iat sensor
coolant sensor
ecu temp sensor
fuel filter
fuel pump
oxygen sensor
checked timing

Currently i have disconnected the iat sensor and it seems to run cooler with more power.

running out of options :roll:

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