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Big Problems 2.3L petrol 2001

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Big Problems 2.3L petrol 2001

Postby MickG » Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:35 pm

Firstly I will give a bit of history.Van is 2001 T300 2.3L petrol 16v manual.Had vehicle for 1 year.Clutch has always been hard to press down.When driving off in 1st and changing to 2nd a vibration in drivline is heard and felt.Talked to gearbox repairer and they said it was DMF so they would change to a solid convertion. When they removed gearbox they found it already had been done.The bolts holding flywheel to crankshaft were half stripped out. Then we notice markes on the end of the starter motor nose.(I started to get a bit worried at this point) :? .Then they proceeded to show me the 3-4mm endflote in the crankshaft.(Almost at the point of heart failure) :x .Now this is not something I expected.84,000 km only on clock.So I talked to engine reco man and he asked if clutch conversion might have forced pressure back onto crankshaft and worn thrust bearings. Is this possible? In Australia the only workshop manual I can find is from ford for $600. Is there anything else availiable.I haven't removed engine yet but I'm just trying to get some advice before I start. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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