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tensioner pulley fault

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tensioner pulley fault

Postby glenandemm » Tue Jun 10, 2008 2:25 pm

hi ive got anouther problem with my 90 ps 2.4 rwd tranny thats the usual squeel coming from the tensioner pulley,so i got a new pulley,replaced it with the old one,started it up and the belt started to look like it was coming off that pulley and the squeel was so loud,so removed the pulley again and noticed the bearing had almost come out,so i pressed it in again rebuilt it back up and it did the same thing,so put the old pulley back on and its ok for now,not forcing the bearing out and not making noise but i know it will come back,its recently had a new tensioner and belt and they look new and its nice and tensioned about right,checked all the other pulleys and the only thing i found was the alternator had a tiny bit of up and down play but nothing excesive but did feel a bit rough when spinning it,when you start it up you cant see any vibrating belt or wobbly pulleys,but just cant work out why its trying to throw the bearing out of the new tensioner pulley,any ideas?
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