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help, van wouldnt start without "easystart" spray

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help, van wouldnt start without "easystart" spray

Postby superfly » Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:09 pm

Transit 350 RWD 2005 2.4 DI 90PS

Hi all, I bought this van a week ago with a smoke coming out of the exhaust. It used to start easy but shaking as it was working on 3 cylinders only. It turned out to be the rocker shaft snapped. I replaced that and than the big troubles began.

It wouldn't start after the shaft replacement. There was no diesel going to the injectors. I thought an air lock or something like this is the problem so I unscrewed the metal pipes from the injectors and disconnected the hosepipes that goes from the pump to the filter, the main one and the return, put them both in a bottle full of diesel, Then I used Easy start spray to start the engine till diesel started to come out of the injector pipes. Then I screw them back on the injectors and started the engine again with Easy start, than the diesel took over and worked fine.... it looked like i succeeded.... at least I thought so. my next step was to make sure that the filter and all other pipes are full with diesel before reconnect the pipes back to the filter. Than I started it again and after a short hesitation the engine was working beautifully..... so far so good. I stopped it and started it again... it wouldn't fire straight away but after a 2-3 seconds of cranking, then it worked great. then I stopped it, left it off for 15 seconds ... and it wouldn't start again... ! Then I had to go trough the long procedure of bleeding and filling up the pipes to make it fire. Basically I can make it start only with Easy start spray and then the diesel takes over and it works great - sounds perfect on all revs... but if I switch the engine off - I will need the easy start engine to start it again. This is regardless of the pipes being plugged to the fuel filter or sunk in a bottle full of diesel. I just had a mechanic checking the error codes, the only thing that come up is "B2550 LAMP DOME OUTPUT GROUND SHORT". Also I forgot to mention that I replaced the fuel filter and housing with new one as someone told me that this was a common fault - causing a air leak in the fuel system. Unfortunately this didn't make any difference.

Please if anyone can help with this. Many thanks.
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Re: help, van wouldnt start without "easystart" spray

Postby GBBiker » Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:12 pm

I fear that using Easy Start instead of solving the root cause of the problem will have only made matters worse :(
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Re: help, van wouldnt start without "easystart" spray

Postby ake » Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:26 pm

could be fuel pump dying, and not producing enough pressure at starter speed :?
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