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Drivers door lock barrel removal

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Drivers door lock barrel removal

Postby Mallyd13 » Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:17 pm

Hi All, how the hell do I get the lock barrel out of the door on an 05 Transit 350, I've removed the door panel, and membrane, removed the rear window runner, disconnected the rod for the outer door handle and the cable for the inner handle and the multiplug, and the horseshoe shaped clip on the inside of the door, removed the three screws holding the latch (the problem is that the door won't open from the inner handle) and the latch can be turned but not removed due to the lock barrel, I've tried with the key in and out, tried pushing in the two plastic lugs that come out of the back of the latch, and tried turning the lugs through 45 degrees (to the point where they snapped off) and still the barrel refuses to release from the latch!

Any ideas?

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Transit Addict
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Re: Drivers door lock barrel removal

Postby TIMO » Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:24 pm

hi mate have to do it with the key in the barrel...its really have to remove the circlip thing on the inside skin of the door,,put key in the lock and turn it cant remember which way this in turn make the pin on the barrel release cant remember if you have to push the pin in whilst turning the key...(the pin is kinda square shped and a slight different colour to the rest of the barrell) took me ages to figure it..good luck ,,let us know how you get along :wink: i hope you have the key :|
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