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Advice needed from a new member.

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Advice needed from a new member.

Postby Maq1984 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:56 pm

Hello folks new member here. Pete. I am looking to sell my
1997 ford transit high top
2.5 LWB di diesel
semi professional camper van conversion around may/June

It's in my eyes not bad nick by no means do I have the foggiest what good or bad nick is though and the colour isn't the most desirable - Cadbury's purple.

So we bought it about 18 months ago as our first race van (we race sled dogs)

The rear is insulated and fibreglassed, currently has a single bed in which during the day acts as seating, as we have sled dogs has 6 wooden semi permanent dog crates which has enough room for a double bed on top were the misses sleeps (crates are wood and screws easily removable)

Full length side awning with rear and side flood spot lights.

It has had an new timing belt about 15000 miles ago
New master cylinder
Two new front callipers
All new brake piping
New rear cylinder
New alternator in March 2016
Had the gears and clutches serviced about 3 months ago when we had some problem with the clutch
We've put in a new leisure battery which runs all 12v electrics which is connected to the alternator

Around a foot from all the bottom body work all the way round the van has been cut off and replaced, near enough the whole under neath of the floor has been replaced.

It has 4 12v sockets in the rear as well as 2 double 240 sockets for the hook up.

Double gas hob and grill, sink with running cold water.

Replaced fluorescent lighting with LED strips (very basic)

Added a double USB port to the front and a Morden stereo with USB connectivity

Starts first time every time. We normally camp over Friday Sunday in the winter in some real cold places racing the dogs.

So the bad. What I I know.

There's an oil leak no idea what or were I'm a chef and don't have the foggiest about engines or even drive the other half is the driver.

It's done 200207 miles

The rear doors need replacing. We've put on chequered plates to tidy them up but they will need doing.

Why am I selling this was our first van while we had a few dogs but slowly and surely we are growing in numbers jumped from 3 to 6 and need more space as we had been using two kennels as human storage.

So the question I've got is what realistically should I be asking for this when I come to sell in in a couple of months??

Thanks for any advice and will try and get some photos put on, on my day off Friday..


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