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For Sale - Non runner (Spares or Repair)

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For Sale - Non runner (Spares or Repair)

Postby JohnyN » Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:47 pm

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I'am looking for some advice on selling my 59 plate Transit Connect with 104,000 odd miles. I'm not sure how much to advertise it for. Last week it broke down and I had to get towed home. It had run out of oil (No warning on the Dash) and came to a halt. I was told that the timing belt may have snapped, valves may have bent or the cam shaft may have twisted. Or may need a new engine. I'm no mechanic so I'm getting shot of it. It got the timing belt and aux belts done at 78,064 miles, 6/7 months ago replaced the glow plugs, just recently I put 4 new tyres on it (lucky if they have done 400 miles). I would hate to see it getting scrapped and know someone might be able to fix it and get it back on the road.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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