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MK6 - ASM HPU Electric Motor needed

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MK6 - ASM HPU Electric Motor needed

Postby ITECH » Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:58 am

Greetings all.

I need to source a replacement electric motor for the ASM HPU assembly.

Why? After pulling it out disassembling, cleaning, reassembling and bench testing, I decided to send it off to a 'professional' to rewind and replace bushes - 50% worn. They used a screwdriver or similar to remove cap, splitting it in multiple places and effectively rendering it useless. The motor was otherwise OK and there is nothing else wrong with the HPU itself. Now there is a short to ground and other damage in the connections in the electric motor cap. Definitely not a square dealer!

If anyone has done a manual conversion or has a removed unit, is it possible to get the electric motor off it please? Obviously I'm happy to pay for freight and a (fair) price for the motor. It's pointless paying freight on the entire unit.

I'm quite capable of stripping it, cleaning and reassembling it. In fact I have a lot of photos to create a photo essay of the entire job, which are intended for this forum, as I've been browsing and gaining specific Transit knowledge for nearly a year on here now, so the essay was (& will be) 'paying my dues'. But getting the van running again is my first priority.

FYI, I have tried Ford New Zealand who also contacted Ford Australia, to no avail. One forum thread here suggests the part is available from Ford UK. I'd dearly love to know further information about that. viewtopic.php?f=18&t=129088

The part number for the electric motor is 1C1R-7H463-CD (or CH). The '1C1R' is 'Ford'. The suffix is an interchangeable variant, so it's the '7H463' that's important.

I've also tried to source 'reconditioned' units from Australia - they said that electric motor was reconditioned but were cagey when I queried to what extent and weren't interested when I asked if I could send mine over to be rebuilt to the same level. I guess that (as for 2nd hand parts in NZ, AU, UK) that there's more profit in selling the whole unit. :?

Another option is if anyone can help with a source for the motors. I'm aware that they are in the London Taxis as well, so there must be someone somewhere who's rebuilding or supplying them.

As per another thread on this forum, I've also looked at the motor out of a VAG group ABS unit. Problem is that these are designed to be vertical and have a single bearing only, besides only having 2 bushes, no RF capacitor and being shorter, thus less torque? I 'could' swap caps to get it going (after finding someone to adapt the shaft - in NZ? Yeah, Right!) easily - no, wait - I can't! My cap is fk'd!!! :(

Many thanks and of course, I'd appreciate any advice but really I desperately need a new 'motor. Or just the wee electric jobby. :wink: Cheers, Kevin.
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Re: MK6 - ASM HPU Electric Motor needed

Postby GPS » Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:20 pm

Hi Kevin
did you ever get to posting the pics of the HPU strip on here?


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Re: MK6 - ASM HPU Electric Motor needed

Postby MLR » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:05 am

we have developed a New replacement motor for HPU unit. please contact me if you are in need.
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