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Caution if dealing with eBay user "cargo2akl"

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Caution if dealing with eBay user "cargo2akl"

Postby a11y » Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:03 pm

*** posting this in case anyone else is searching for eBay users “takashyasun-0” or “cargo2akl” and finds this info ***

Someone trying to scam me with the sale of the winter wheels and tyres from my old van – nothing fancy just 17” VW steels Hammerite’d black with winter tyres.

Not long after listing them an interested party (takashyasun-0) messages me, asking if I’d post to Japan. Sorry, my auction is restricted to UK carriage only plus you joined eBay last week and have 0 feedback, so that’s a big fat no.

24hrs later a UK-registered user "cargo2akl" pays full asking price. I researched them: ... 1561.l2754, 28,000+ positive feedback, 0 negative, member since 2011. Sounds good doesn’t it? Google tells me they’re a UK-based 3rd party export company who buy stuff on UK/EU eBay then sell it on in Japan. Hmm, what are the chances of that given the earlier contact from an interested party in Japan… Got my radar twitching but plenty of positive reports from multiple sources so no viable reason for me to cancel the sale. Took extra pics before packaging wheels and also packaged showing quality of packaging with buyer’s address visible. Wheels sent to buyer’s address, fully insured and requiring signature on delivery. I received confirmation of delivery including name of person who signed for packages.

A week later the original interested party (takashyasun-0) messaged me again:
“Hello. I am Yasunakashi. The other day, I bid for a wheel with snow tire, which was very coolly painted black with vwt5 you were exhibiting through Sekaimon. Sekaimon is an auction dealer. There was contact with me from Sekaimon, and there was a message that the product was not received. Has any problem arisen? If there is any inconvenience, I will tell it to Sekermon. I would be happy if you do not hesitate to say. I am very sorry if I have been informed of the mistake and contact after shipping.”

I replied:
“Hi, I did not sell my advertised wheels to you. I sold them to another registered eBay seller and that sale has been completed and item delivered to them, for which I have receipt of delivery. Thanks.”

24hrs later, a message arrives from the actual buyer (cargo2akl) of my wheels:
“Hi, we have not receive the item yet. and tracking number you provided us does not seem to be correct number. it shows that its invalid number. could you please check this number and this delivery? looking forward your response, kazuki N”

I replied:
“Hi, Please check again. I have proof of receipt of delivery being completed to you - see attached. I find it surprising that you say the tracking number I supplied is invalid, especially as I didn't supply a tracking number to you until now. I feel that you might be trying to scam me and may report this to eBay. Item was sent by via 'Paisley Freight' courier. Fully insured, tracked and requiring a signature on delivery. Tracking is available here so that you can check for yourself: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. The tracking number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and can be accessed via

And as you can see, the tracking shows:
- items were collected from me on XXXXXXXX.
- item were scanned at collection depot at XXXXXXXX.
- item were scanned at delivery depot at XXXXXXXXXXXX.
- items were delivered to XXXXX (the verified address provided by you) and signed for by ‘XXXXXXX’ at XXXXXXXXXX.


It’s been quiet since - hopefully because they know they'll get nowhere with scamming me - but I still reckon something could be brewing.

I was right to be wary initially. I do think they’re a genuine company who do indeed buy stuff to sell on in Japan, but at the same time I suspect they try and scam folk who don’t send packages with tracking/delivery confirmation on the chance that there’s nothing to prove a seller has sent an item, and thus get the item AND a refund from eBay for ‘unsent’ items. Hopefully folk aren’t daft enough to send stuff without tracking/requiring a signature…

Luckily in my case I have delivery confirmation so they can GTF, but sometimes I wonder if eBay’s worth the hassle…
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