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Raptor Style grill fitting

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Raptor Style grill fitting

Postby caber feidh » Fri Apr 30, 2021 10:53 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have just managed to fit a raptor style grill to my 2019 Ford Transit Custom Sport DCIV.

I could not find any information or videos of how to do this anywhere.

Warning 2 person job

Step 1
Open the bonnet and remove the nearside headlight (2 bolts) when removing the headlight remember to push the light up and towards the rear of the vehicle first (there is a small locating lug at the top of the headlight, if you try and pull it straight out you will break this locating lug [new light]).

Step 2
8 plastic fixings on the top of the grill bumper must be removed, these are two part components, remove the centre pin first then the next pin. (retain these as they need to be re-fitted once the grill has been installed.

Step 3
Look in towards the grill from the space created by removing the headlight and identify the locking lugs, insert a screwdriver between the lug on the grill and the tab on the bumper, get second person to pull the grill firmly, repeat this all the way round with the second person pulling the grill as you go in an anti clockwise direction until you have removed all the lugs from the bumper on three sides.

Step 4
The bottom of the grill has 6 tabs which can be removed by pulling each one in turn but not twisting, there maybe a more efficient way to do this but it worked for me without breaking any.

Step 5
Give the now newly exposed bumper area a good clean and if it is a colour coded bumper maybe apply some wax to this area as it is likley never to see the light of day again.

Step 6
Simply click the new Raptor Style Grill into place ensure that all lugs and tabs are securely in position.

And there you have it, an upgraded face to your Transit Custom Sport

Any questions please feel free to ask.

I will try and get some pictures so the post makes a bit more sense for anyone who is thinking about doing this upgrade.

All the best
caber feidh
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Re: Raptor Style grill fitting

Postby Marky M » Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:36 pm

A (dutch) video on youtube. It seems an easy job to do.

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