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axle info mk8 onto mk6

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axle info mk8 onto mk6

Postby bj928 » Tue May 04, 2021 12:18 am

this will need moving to the right section but i thought i would post it here first,

my mk6 recovery truck has just been upgraded to a mk8 axle (twin wheel), the prop bolted straight up with no length change, or any mods at all on either the prop or mk8 axle, slightly longer U bolts are needed in my case but that will depend on number of leaves, mk6 wheel nuts don't fit the mk8 axle, the handbrake cable is different as the mk8 is disc brake, my mk6 was drum, also the plug on the abs is different, but these are all minor things, bolting the axle in place was pretty straight forward, the swap was done in a day and back driving under its own steam, next is an LSD from america,

the mk8 axle is about an inch wider overall then the mk6 axle (twin wheel)

a single wheel mk6 to mk8 axle swap will be done soon, they appear to be about 2" wider overall,

LSD is available for the mk8 axle, and a ratio as tall as 3.08, they are an america 9.75 axle

hopefully in the next couple of months i am having a mk8 single wheel axle built with 3.08 ratio and aftermarket LSD, if all goes together as it should, i will be bringing a few used LSD units home from the USA at the end of the year, and new ones to order if anyone wants a new LSD
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