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PX12 DOH Beware !

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PX12 DOH Beware !

Postby shortcut » Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:21 pm

Hi people,

Please do yourselves a big favour if you are in the market for a new van and avoid this one !
It’s a 125 t330 AWD ex police van with the registration PX12 DOH .
I bought this van in may and it has issues. It was returned last week on a recovery truck after covering less than 20 miles in my ownership whilst my solicitor and the van dealer who sold it to me argued for the whole summer. I was going to wait untill my full refund turned up but he has already put the van back on his website.
I am not going to get into how much of a penis he is , or his temper etc as that could land me in trouble, and I can’t tell you all about the scam that his warranty is or how mad it made my solicitor because that would be wrong, but untill all my money is returned I can tell you the head gasket is pouring oil down the back of the engine, the timing chain is loud and that the clutch is almost shot and the flywheel leaking fluid. I know because it cost me a lot of money to pay a garage to investigate the cause of the oil leaking on my drive, after the warranty wouldn’t cover this work even though they gave the go ahead.

If anyone wants to pm I can tell you the company name , would be a shame if someone then re posted the company name and ruined the great repution that I should have looked at before purchase !
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