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Accident prone Transit

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Accident prone Transit

Postby Famvan15 » Tue May 14, 2019 2:41 pm

Hi All,

I've been following the transit for a couple years now and nearing time to purchase. I came across a one owner 2015 midroof Ecoboost 350xlt 15 passenger van in the USA. It has two things that concern me. One is its 111,000 miles (confirmed highway with Carfax records). Is that too much with the turbo engine? I know turbos do better with highway but I'm less sure of them in general. Two, and the biggest concern, this vehicle has been in 3 accidents (Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan, 2 sideswipes and one rear passenger side) in 3 separate years, all of which list the vehicle was disabled and towed but airbags did not deploy.

I could not tell it was in an accident vusually. I know these are unibody vehicles. Does anyone know if these transits can be repaired well enough to even consider a vehicle with a history like that?

It holds my interest because this one is listed about $5k less than the ones without accident history and it's located near me which is rare for this setup.
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