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Bought 14plate custom 90k mike now requires new gearbox HELP

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Bought 14plate custom 90k mike now requires new gearbox HELP

Postby Leighdancer » Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:19 pm

Hi again all,

On the 6th May 19 I collected a van I’d bought from a dealer paid £13500 and drove away. Since then I noticed a whining noise (see other durum post) took into my trusted garage to be told it’s needs a new gear box at a cost of £2080 £1000 of which I’m covered by the RAC gold Warranty the van came with provided by dealer.

My question is who pays the shortfall of £1080 ish me or the dealer.

Any advice would be grateful and if you can provide proof or link to websites documents if you get what I mean.

I haven’t contacted the dealer apart from to mention the whining noise. He said the work must be done by him but I don’t trust him and his work.

Owned the van for 6 weeks will be 7 on Monday 24th June

Thanks fellow transit fans

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