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Please help!

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Please help!

Postby Bijoudancer » Mon Sep 07, 2020 4:26 pm

I'm hoping I'm in the right place to help find me my best van!

Ive decided that a medium sized van is going to be more versatile for my family.

I need to be able to tow 2500kg and take a 13yr old and an 18 month old (need isofix) and 4 dogs in it most of the time. Im thinking we can also do a bit of spontaneous camping in the van too.

Is this possible with 1 van and if so what type please?

Parking is tricky so cant be massive!

Please help?!
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Re: Please help!

Postby MinorMatt » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:54 am

2500kg towing is the challenge - you will be looking at least a 330 model.

I'm not sure about ISOFIX, but I guess that's available in the post 2014 models?

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Re: Please help!

Postby Jay2018 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:53 pm

What kind of budget do you have mate? That's where we need to start...

Is it you, the thirteen year old and the baby only? or is there a wife also?

MOST (not all) vans have three seats upfront.

So one of you will drive. One will be in 1 of the 2 passenger seats. Then you have one seat left for the baby or the thirteen year old.

SO you need a crew van or buy a panel van and convert it with windows.

If not factory crew van; get a double seat fitted in the back. Quick search reveals a triple seat set from a mk8 Transit with factory isofix, but haven't looked properly for a double seat with isofix.

Think you need to go for a mwb mr van so that you can also get the 4 dogs in along with the passenger seats comfortably.

MR so that you can stand up in it (depending on how tall you all are). I couldn't live without the medium roof personally.

Also I live in a terraced house and owned a Jumbo mk7 a few years back which I used to parallel park everyday. Now own a MWB and parallel park that everyday, piss easy if you can drive. So MWB parking shouldn't be much of a concern.
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