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New Transit owner possibly need some advice :)

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New Transit owner possibly need some advice :)

Postby AutoCleanDetailing » Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:36 pm

Hi guys im looking at purchasing a 2004 Mk6 i believe ? transit the van im looking at is > i own a automotive Detailing company over in the Republic Of Ireland. i was all set on a Vivaro SWB but after hearing too many scare stories ive decided that a transit may be a better bet

i have around €1000-€1500 to spend and with that budget i dont see myself getting a mk7, the van will need to last me 2-3years after that we as a company will be purchasing a brand new custom transit.

what do you guys think about pricing for the van above ? is there anything i should look for

any advice you can offer is really greatly appreciated

many thanks
AutoClean Detailnig
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