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VP44 Swap

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VP44 Swap

Postby Arjen65 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 3:44 pm


I am new to this forum but I hope someone can give me some advise.
I have a long story.
Here it goes.....
My 100hp 280 Transit from 2002 is a self-build camper van.
This holyday I was driving on the highway at an easy 100kp/h and my motor stopped.
No strange noises or stuttering, it just stopped.
It was possible to glide to the safety-lane where I tried to start it again with no result.
The starter turns over but that's it.
The tow-truck guy let it run on start-spray and that runs fine.
So, there is no problem with timing chain.
The Transit has been towed to a garage which didn't want to help me and later to my home country.
Mind you, this was in France and I live in the Netherlands.

A lot of research and experts later I suspect it is my VP44 computer that is dead.
I tried to ship it to a repair shop to do a mosfet replacement but that shop says it is no use because my computer is a cheap Chinese thing.
It is build in 2013 and the VP44 itself was produced up to 2008. So it seems.
That may very well be possible because this computer has allready been swapped; there were crimp-connectors on the cables.
I did a mosfet replacement myself without any succes.

I have decided to do a complete pump replacement with a tested and refurbished one.

A seller on ebay has the same complete pump and computer for a reasonable price.
He says that for this unit, the pump-computer is cleared and doesn't need any learning.
So, according to this seller, it is a simple replacement.
Switch the pump, put in the connector, bleed the fuel-lines and start the engine.

Now my short question.
Is this possible ?
I mean, is it possible that this pump doesn't need learning from start-blocking or ECU codes ?
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Re: VP44 Swap

Postby Altransit » Sat Sep 19, 2020 7:27 pm

Are you sure that you have a VP44 fitted :?: The 100ps engine should have a VP30 :?

Having said that, if it was working OK before, and you fit a "virginised" replacement pump, (rather than a secondhand unit) it should shake hands and code itself to the van, merely by turning on the ignition, but there is a proper sequence to doing this, find it and follow it otherwise you'll need someone with the software to do it manually :wink:
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Re: VP44 Swap

Postby Arjen65 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 8:24 am

Thanks for your quick reply.

My pump has nr 0470004004.
Is that VP30 ?

My engine is 2.0 Tdci Duratorq 100hp, my van 280s.
It has around 160.000 km on it and was always running smooth and starting easy. No smoke.

But looking at it, there are some strange things.
The pump-ECU seems to be replaced earlier as there ar allready crimp connectors on the cables.
Furthermore, the pump-ECU was build in 2013 and I have been told by an English dieselspecialist that this pump was produced up to 2008 and so the ECU must be chinese aftermarket and therefor unrepairable.
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