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Cutting holes in Transit floor for storage space?

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Cutting holes in Transit floor for storage space?

Postby Jetto » Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:21 pm

I tried calling Ford and they couldn't give me an answer. There's so much empty space under the transit that it seems like a wasted opportunity not to utilize it in some way.
The question, Is the floor of the 2020 ford transit structural. I am considering cutting some access panels in the floor for infloor storage and to drop in my shower pan. The panels wouldn't be walked on directly as the access top would be braced across supports
I figure if it's done between the rivets and then welded and reinforced, it shouldn't be an issue but I'm not an expert here.
This is for a camper build out.
Vehicle is a 2020 l4h3 awd.
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