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Check strap causing damage to Rear doors

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Check strap causing damage to Rear doors

Postby John2808 » Thu Jun 10, 2021 7:45 pm

Hi All

I’ve joined this group because I’m having an absolute nightmare with chargeable damage to the rear doors of two of my 2019 LWB Transits from Enterprise.

The metal has perished in exactly the same points on both vans, this seems to be on the small circles located around the check strap. The vans are used as delivery vehicles so they are used a lot, but Enterprise have refuse to accept they are not fit for purpose, I’ve hired dozens of vehicles and this has never happened before, but I am convinced that this is indeed a manufacturing defect. As such they have replaced the doors and have billed me because they are saying it’s overuse and hence damage.

Has anyone else had similar faults? I’ve checked three other 2019 Transits within my depot and all have a similar amount degradation!
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