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Back with a mk7 this time!

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Re: Back with a mk7 this time!

Postby dirtydog » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:10 am

Well it's been a troublesome couple of months for the blue one, engine light came on but couldn't find my elm unit since moving house in September :roll: found it now but not got around to plugging it in yet but I have a feeling it's the cheap eBay egr valve I fitted a couple of years ago.

Alternator went a few weeks ago, replaced it and charged the batteries up and all was fine for a couple of weeks then I switched it off went into a shop and it refused to start again, robbed the batteries out of the camper and it's been mostly fine.
Dropped into limp mode a couple of times and then sounded really rough the other morning when I started it and took a good few minutes to run properly

Then the ignition barrel fell apart inside meaning the key was stuck in the ignition, complete new lockset fitted.

The plan for this year was to sell it and buy a custom so I've also been slowly robbing bits off it and putting them on the camper
2006 Mk7 115 350 lwb, med high top
2006 Mk7 110 350 lwb, high top camper
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