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Norwegian 2x mk1 and 1x mk2’s

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Norwegian 2x mk1 and 1x mk2’s

Postby JosteinN » Wed Feb 26, 2020 11:49 pm

My name is Jostein, and i am what you could call a Transit head.
It started last year when I was looking for some parts for my baja bug in a forest a couple miles from me. Instead I found a 74 transit swb pickup. It had been sitting there since 1984, and I just knew I had to get it home.

A month after that I was on a drive to west of Norway, when i saw a sad looking swb sitting beside of the road. The trailer was needed once again.

This needs a new roof, so this will be the last in line for a restoration.

In search for a new roof i heard some new that an old bloke had one sitting in a barn, been there since 1997. And that could be a donor for the roof damaged one. Unfortunately this was a mk2, lwb and high roof. But, i know this could sell easily to give me spares cash for the other transits. And it is in pretty good shape, so this will be my spring/summer restoration.

My plan is to update you on the progress of these three awesome looking transits. But if you want to follow a closeup on the work, im doing a full youtube restoration. Ill be very happy if you could like, share and subscribe.
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Re: Norwegian 2x mk1 and 1x mk2’s

Postby jacka » Fri Feb 28, 2020 8:14 pm

Very good finds ✅
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