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The Frog Princess Mk7

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The Frog Princess Mk7

Postby monkeypuzzle » Sun May 17, 2020 8:40 pm


So I've posted up here a few times and found folks to be helpful so I'm going to start a thread:

The Frog Princes as named by my two girls...

Purchased for not that much from a chap in Liverpool. History as we know is as a fleet vehicle in Sheffield, for the first 200,000 ml serviced by Evans Halshaw and never failed an MOT, then off to Liverpool and at some point owned by a chap that did Alloy resprays. I think he was responsible for the green and tinted lights. It then went to some metal scrappers that after a short amount of time realised that they really needed a cage van. It's only failed two MOTs which as an 08 mk7 seems pretty good.

It had a leaking injector take off pipe when we got it which was an easy fix and it needed a full set of pads and one or two new discs and callipers. I've pulled the floor boards up and cleaned, treated and re boarded the back floor with phenolic ply. Heavy duty tow bar added.

Then... 1 Injector goes bad, slowly (then quickly) takes out the turbo and the whole thing needs a rebuild.. We're at 250,000 ml so it was probably due! Engine rebuilt by Excel Engineering in Stockport with:

Four new injectors
New Clutch
Recon Turbo
New Suction Control Valve
New Pressure Relief Valve

And now it needs a new starter as the current one was almost melted out of existence from all the difficult starting with bad injectors and a knackered turbo. The cost of all this is more than me or the wife have ever spent on buying a van so I'm going to work hard to get this back up to shape. Its not that bad, there's a little bit of rust but nothing major and the underbody protection is holding up pretty well.

I'll pop up from time to time with some " how do I do this?" type of questions and then disappear but please know any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: The Frog Princess Mk7

Postby Jay2018 » Fri Nov 27, 2020 2:20 am

This guy doesn't seem like he is coming back. Nonetheless a lot of people have revived older threads than this so here goes lol.

Have you still got the van mate?

Great that you had the engine rebuilt bud; shame about the starter.

Funky colour; what was the original?

Can the front lights be un-tinted? It's too green for headlights that dark. Use some back to black or something similar on those greyed out bumpers and it will start to look a lot smarter.
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Re: The Frog Princess Mk7

Postby Gareth_1 » Thu Dec 31, 2020 1:09 pm

...pity that. I was just beginning to enjoy the story of the Frog Princess and routing for a glorious comeback.
Come on MonkeyPuzzle. We need an update.

- Gareth
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