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purchase advice 2,4 D build 1970

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purchase advice 2,4 D build 1970

Postby tomvdrunen » Thu Nov 19, 2020 4:23 pm

This weekend i want to look for a ford transit from 1970 2.4 D (old fire brigade)
what are the 'famous' problems from this van?
the engine is leaking oil (after 5 minutes when you drive) is this a known issue? and what are the repair prospects?

how diffult are the engines to replace them?

hopefully you have some good advices for me so that i have an idea where to look saturday.
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Re: purchase advice 2,4 D build 1970

Postby dumper » Thu Nov 19, 2020 9:42 pm

No normally not a bad engine for oil leaks clean it up and identify where it’s coming from and go from there.
As for removing the engine remove the bonnet and front grill and radiator disconnect ancillaries and propsaft gear-lever clutch and speedo cable speedo drive and wire for rev lights drain oil out of both and lift engine and gearbox out as one lump For the rear gearbox mounting I used to leve the x member on the van and remove the centre bolt and lift the rear end up with a trolley jack .
I also used to remove the n/ s engine mounting off the block as soon as I had the weight off the rubber mounts gives you some wiggle room the same when re fitting it . If you try leaving the gearbox in and putting the engine onto it it can be very difficult get it back on the dowels and Lining the clutch up .i used to have the gen Ford lifting eye bolt that fitted into a threaded hole in the cylinder head rear n/ s and a bracket that bolted onto the o/s of the head that the header tank bracket bolts to for the radiator bolts onto if you make your own use 15 mil plate for it .
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Re: purchase advice 2,4 D build 1970

Postby Neil » Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:28 am

1970 should be a perkins 4108 engine originally
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Re: purchase advice 2,4 D build 1970

Postby tomvdrunen » Mon Nov 23, 2020 6:45 pm

iam not sure if it's a originall engine :) i try later to make some pictures and add them :) i bought the van
i localissed the oil leak (it's coming out the oil gauge rod (overpressure in the carter?)
is it possible that the carter ventilation is contaminated and close? or is there more damage as piston rings or defect cylinder head? is this a know issue with this engines?
(when i was driving the oil leak was really big but it looks that it was less after a while (but still to big to drive with the car)
(the oil was also really dirty (black)
is there some cleaning procedure or instruction for cleaning the carter ventilation to exclude this first.
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