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Want to Advertise Here??? Read this for details!!!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 10:17 pm
by Luke
This section is open to all traders who sponsor the site and help keep the forum running!

If you are a buisness selling Transit's and wish to post them here please email me for details. :D

This site is a front page hit in google by searching ford transit and we get nearly 3,000,000 hits a month - many people looking to purchase a new van, this section is viewable by browsing guests as well as regular members so it gets more traffic.

Posting is very simple and help can be given, and if you have a website you can have a link back to it with your post :D

All it costs is £6 a month :D

There's no restriction on the amount of Transits you post for sale and the advert stays there untill the van is sold!
and if you also sell spares you can post them for no extra charge in the Trade parts for sale section!