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Tyres for sale - All Transit Sizes in stock - All tyres New!

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Tyres for sale - All Transit Sizes in stock - All tyres New!

Postby 654vans » Tue Apr 10, 2007 10:33 am

Tyres for sale - all brand new, we are at Heathfield Industrial Estate, Newton Abbot, Devon, so this is probably only helpful to any local members but here are a few prices for tyres for the more common Transit sizes. We can get any make in any size but i'm not listing all of them!!!


195/65R15 95t Reinforced £32+VAT Budget £42+VAT Firestone/Avon

Transits (all tyres are 8ply)

185R14 £28+VAT Budget, £39+VAT Firestone, £50+VAT Michelin

195R14 £30+VAT Budget, £40+VAT Goodyear, £50+VAT Firestone

185R15 £35+VAT Budget

195/70R15 Budget £35+VAT, Firestone £45+VAT

225/70R15 Budget £37+VAT, Firestone £49+VAT

185/75R16 Budget £40+VAT, Continental £52+VAT

215/75R16 Budget £45+VAT, Avon/Firestone £65+VAT

We'll also fit the tyres, new valve, balance, and dispose of your old tyres for no extra cost!

Anything else PM me!

Cheers Paul
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