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Ford 2.5DI Bosch LDA Pump Top

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Ford 2.5DI Bosch LDA Pump Top

Postby daza01 » Wed May 15, 2019 10:03 pm

Hi everyone, I am looking on some advice on 2.5DI NA turbo conversion as this forum seems to have the most knowledgeable folks. I have all the parts including Bosch manual pump. Its the pump I am having problems with. From searching the forum I found that I could fit an LDA top from Rover 2.0TD 1997 as it has clockwise operation. I have removed tops of both pumps, there are slight differences between them. I think that I need to remove lever on Rover pump top, then tap hole and fit banjo bolt from Transit top. I also need to make up a bush to fit pipe that runs from bottom to top of pump. Sorry if this is confusing but I have never worked on a diesel before, I would really appreciate some advice on connecting up fuel / vacuum pipes to LDA top as I am at a loss.
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