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Mk5 door water solution

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Mk5 door water solution

Postby npjrogers » Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:38 pm

Looked at the door on my Hyundai and discovered that the front doors have rubber seals on both the opening for the door and also on the door itself. The trickle down problem on Mk5’s (leading to rust in the step and sill area) could easily be solved with an appropriately shaped Rubber seal on the actual door. This would prevent the water ever getting as far as the seal on the body and would not be seen when the door was shut. Hence no wind noise.
So what section should I use and how should I attach it to the door.. any ideas welcome. Joinerman suggested a J section fitted externally.. this would work but maybe an additional rubber seal on the door would be invisible.
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Re: Mk5 door water solution

Postby joinerman » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:14 pm

As i said before i have had the J section on for a few years now and get no water in at all, no need for anything else,

One other trick is remove the rubber on the A pillar and with some wide nosed bodywork mole grips bend the seem flange out a bit ie closer to the door, re fit rubber and i injected some silicone into mine and massaged it along the rubber to fill it out a bit, shut the door once or twice to bed the rubber in then leave the door open for a couple of hours to let the silicone cure.
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