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MK 6/7) Engine and Weight Codes Explained

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MK 6/7) Engine and Weight Codes Explained

Postby Altransit » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:46 am

Many people have asked what the numbering means on MK6 and MK7's with regard to capacities :D

The first figure is the engine power in PS, The 'T' stands for transit, and the second figure is the Gross Vehicle Weight in kg (just add a nought on the end of the second figure)

For Example:-
85 T 260 is a 85ps engined 2600kg GVW van
100 T 280 is a 100ps engined 2800kg GVW van
125 T 350 is a 125ps engined 3500kg GVW van
etc, etc
The EXACT GVW is always stated on the VIN plate located in the passenger (LH) side B pillar :)
ALL MK6 & 7 Duratorq diesels are turbocharged, and most are intercooled as well :wink:

You can't necessarily tell from any of these figures whether the van is a Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive, or whether it's a Short, Medium or Long wheel base except that in most cases smaller vans are FWD and larger ones are RWD

FWD diesel engines are 2.0(Mk6) or 2.2 litres(Mk7)
RWD diesel engines are 2.4 litres MK6&7) (unless you have the Mk7 200ps 5 cylinder 3.2 litre engine!)until 2012 when the Euro 5 RWD engine became 2.2 Litres

This may also be of use to you


What do the numbers mean Transit carrying capacity Transit weight rating Transit engine power Transit ps Transit BHP Mk6 power Mk7 power what is the difference whats the difference
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Re: MK6 & 7 Engine and Weight Codes Explained

Postby belly » Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:33 am

Transit Sportvans are based on a 2600kg GVW van.
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