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Programming MK7 Keyfob in Forscan

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Programming MK7 Keyfob in Forscan

Postby bazzaice00 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:19 am

Morning folks. I'm trying to programme a remote key fob got from the scrap yard using Forscan. Can it be done with that programme? I don't see an option to just do anything with the key fob, only ignition key. But when I try that, the programme says it cant be done as the key I have is not the master key. Shows two keys registered but I only have one. Should I risk erasing all keys and then try to re-add the one I have in the hopes that it will programme the key fob at the same time (seen some have said that's how the fob gets programmed).

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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