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Ford Transit 2.4 Mk7 starting issues

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Ford Transit 2.4 Mk7 starting issues

Postby Shirazman » Thu Sep 17, 2020 3:54 am

Hi guys,

My Mk7 2.4 turbo diesel (RWD) is experiencing starting issues.
It seems to mainly happen when the vehicle is hot, where it will crank but just not kick over. I will then wait around 1-2 hours, and it will start.

I did some research on this site, and it seems like issues starting when hot could be the Crank Angle Sensor?

I brought the vehicle to a Ford dealership who scanned it, and said the following codes were coming up:

Low pressure fuel system sensor circuit
Status 28 (not current DTC)
Fault type 00
Fault previously detected. Not currently present.
Diagnostic protocol - 14229

Fuel delivery error
Failure type 00
Status 28 (not current DTC)
Fault previously detected. Not currently present.
Diagnostic protocol - 14229

A/C clutch relay control circuit
Status 2F (current DTC)
Diagnostic port - 14229
Fault is currently present

I had a new genuine ford EGR valve (had loss of power low rpm, which fixed the issue), and fan speed resistor fitted around January 2020. New turbo and intercooler fitted shortly after.
However I explained to Ford when the turbo failed the engine revved so hard on its own, even though I took the key out, it stayed on reving for a little bit. They call this "run away", and said that could have damaged my engine or high pressure fuel pump.

Ford are saying they will need to inspect it, and are allowing 4 hours at $198 AUD/hour.

Has anyone had anything like this before, or have any suggestions on what it could be?

Thank you on advance!

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Re: Ford Transit 2.4 Mk7 starting issues

Postby knobby1 » Thu Sep 17, 2020 9:50 am

Whereabouts are you..??

Did they perform a set of fuel system learns, or attempt to..?? Does the engine hunt at idle sometimes..?? How long since the fuel filter was replaced..??

P0645 needs looking into, does you A/C work.?? The other two codes are not currently present and can probably be erased without issue.

Crank sensor will be working...the Mk7's won't start at all if there is no cam/crank sync. Won't hurt to check them though.

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