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Blocked rocker cover breather ?

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Blocked rocker cover breather ?

Postby frankiebateman » Thu Nov 24, 2022 4:58 pm

I’m looking for some advice if anyone can help. I have slight back pressure on my mk7 2.2 FWD I have had new injectors, seals and copper rings fitted (Seals have been done twice) I have replaced the PRV and SCV last year (This was when the injectors were replaced)

I still have back pressure on the engine which is quite noticeable the final thing for me to check before I go down the pistons and rings is the rocker cover breather filter. I removed the breather pipe today and there’s no pressure or suction coming from it at all could this be the problem? I also removed the oil cap to see if there was any change there whilst the breather pipe was off but no change

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Re: Blocked rocker cover breather ?

Postby tranmx2 » Fri Nov 25, 2022 8:26 pm

If there is no pulsating at the oil filler cap orifice then there's very little pressure passing the rings or valves/stems.
For pressure to be in the crankcase/rocker box the engine may need to be at operating temp' and at 1200 + rpm.

I also removed the oil cap to see if there was any change there whilst the breather pipe was off but no change - could be the pressure (low pressure) is going out of the breather pipe so none noticed at the oil filler cap orifice.
If combustion gasses/pressure is present it is noticeable.
Too much oil in the crankcase might also show as pulsations at the oil cap orifice.

What do you mean by back pressure? How do you know there is back pressure?
The MAP indicates pressure in the inlet system - turbo out let to inlet manifold.
If a DPF is fitted there are pressure sensors fitted at the front and back of it.

Forscan can show what these pressures are.
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