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Input bearing

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Input bearing

Postby RustBucket » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:30 am

My input bearing has failed I think. (Mk7 2.4 RWD) Really loud mechanical whirring coming from the gearbox in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. Goes away when you press the clutch pedal.

Would low gearbox oil cause the input bearing to get louder?

It is much louder when cold too. From what I can gather you need special tools to separate the gearbox yes? Too much of a faff on to change the bearings at home I gather? I dont like reading stuff like this. Very disheartening for the DIY kind of person.

There is a faint chattering too, I thought it was the DMF but it seems more the prop end of the gearbox area when listening underneath with a stethoscope.

What is the best options? Replacement gearbox? Is the problem likely to arise again with a second hand unit? Is it common? Box only has 150k on it but I gather hard miles as its first owner was a company with any old driver giving it a good hammering.

Seen a newer 2.2 6 speed RWD gearbox local but I guess It would be awful with the 5.12 ratio diff. (which I wouldnt mind changing if I could find a 6 speed gearbox/diff cheap enough as I need a little longer ratios as doing 300 mile motorways some weeks). Plus I would need the gear stick and cables and other bits to make it work :?:

Or get mine reconditioned by a specialist? Doesn't really seem worth it for a w*** 5 speed unless its cheap as chips.

Any transit breakers, gearbox speacialists or people with knowledge please feel free to aid me with my hideous sounding mk7 :cry:
Mk7 lwb hitop. 2.4
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