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Intermittant starting now Non Starting TDDi

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Intermittant starting now Non Starting TDDi

Postby rob nufc » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:17 pm

hi everyone, buckle up as quite a long one!
Van is a 2004 tddi 75bhp with postal remap carried out some years ago. have 3 full working keys and 1 without chip.(working keys all work when van is starting)

intermittant starting, Plenty of battery good starter motor turns over freely when not starting and fuel comeing out of each injector when turning over not high pressure but plenty i think?
The beginning...... stopped the van hot then would not start, refused to start for a day or 2, (initially thought immobilser issues) disconnected ecu,clocks,ignition ring,pump and battery, went through all fuses and relays checking for blown and gave relays a gentle tap. rebuilt and the thing started about half a dozen times off the belt then failed???

did the immobilser thing again the next day, the van started every hour on the hour without fail......... jackpot fixed bad connection!!! WRONG

following week the van would start and drive to my destination then usualy fail to start imediatly after stopping, retry an hour or so later it would start. did this for approx 1 week but now a total failure.

paid for a quick diagnostics whilst it was running and guy told me pump timing fault "its the pump" however he was doing quite a few things at same time and im looking for other peoples views as a recon pump is £500 before fitting.
i read a thermistor is a common problem on the vp44 psg5 pump fitted to my van(however these nomally fail whilst running)

someone on ebay offers testing of pump ecu and repair at extra costs.

im looking for opinions especially if you have had a similar problem, done research but most have had different issues to me typically!

Thanks for reading till the end, the vans way too good to scrap over this. all help appreciated rob.
rob nufc
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Re: Intermittant starting now Non Starting TDDi

Postby Altransit » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:46 pm

Just to say that your pump should be a VP30, not a VP44 (which was never fitted to a Connect).

First thing to try would be a crank sensor, which can give the exact symptoms that you've described if faulty or fitted incorrectly.
You'll need to get the codes read before blaming the pump, there should be several hard codes if it is faulty, although damaged pump wiring can cause a problem too.

If the immobiliser is faulty, then the engine shouldn't crank at all, but the PATS LED should be flashing quickly as well.
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Re: Intermittant starting now Non Starting TDDi

Postby rob nufc » Tue Feb 05, 2019 3:26 pm

thanks for the quick reply, the cranksensor might be a good place to start as i had to be towed off a very muddy field about a week before, and spent a bit time pressure washing mud from underside of van and engine.
good to know it is definatly not a vp44 alough lots of places listing vp44 to fit 1.8tddi transit connect? the guy who did diagnostics brought up 2 faults, one a very common one to do with egr which he dismissed (causing slight hunting at times during tickover) the other code which i dont know the number of! he said was basically pump timing fault, which he immediatly said its the pump, quite confidant but not his 5-600 quid is it!
any more views and opinions welcome
thanks rob.
rob nufc
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Re: Intermittant starting now Non Starting TDDi

Postby rob nufc » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:35 pm

hi guys, as im off work at the minute (Torn tendon in shoulder) so this isnt urgent urgent!,
First job is going to check out crank case sensor, any ideas what resistance i should get with ignition on and also whist cranking?

Next has anyone used one of the repair places advertised on ebay who claim to test and fix the psg5 pump ecu (been verbaly told it wont be the fet transistor as the veicle was not stopping whist running, this is a common fault)

Next can anyone recommend a good place if i need to bite the bullet and buy a recon pump and at what price?

also will a recon pump come with new ecu or old tested virginised one, obviously want a new one if thats whats gone?

thanks for looking and hopefully having a bit input to my situation, cheers rob.
rob nufc
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