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T200 niggles

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T200 niggles

Postby KenZzx » Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:10 pm


I have recently purchased a 2002 t200 transit connect.

I had a world of trouble with a previous berlingo i had so in comparison this one is working really well.

Theres just a few things i have noticed but im not sure wether to be concerned or if its just how these old connects are.

Basically in every gear at the lowe end of tje revs it makes a rattling noise but soon goes smooth after 1500rpm or so. Not really loud but noticeable.

The second is someonething i only notice when coming up the hill to my house, when i get to 3000rpm the power is on and off. 1 second its there the next its not. Its still pulling but the strength of the pull fluctuates.

Im happy with the van, it does the job and its clean for its age. I am just after the advise on these 2 things ive noticed.

Any info will be appreciated!

Kind regards


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Re: T200 niggles

Postby Piglet » Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:37 pm

Low revs rattle could be many things but the lower dogbone mount is a favourite, crawl underneath and you'll see it between the back of the gearbox and the subframe.
If you can rock it back&forth it's knackered, they are not expensive.
Power fluctuations seem to be a bit of a thing with these engines, I am having something similar and have done a bit of Googling. Seems it can be almost anything and can be hard to trace, however EGR & injectors are a common place to start.
Get your codes read.
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