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Speedometer Needle - cluster - sensor - gearbox

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Speedometer Needle - cluster - sensor - gearbox

Postby Belfastee » Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:01 am

Driving 2005 T 230 , P90 , high / long and the speedometer needle dropped to zero and I,m doing 40 mph, huh wtf, so did the usual search among people and web sites, the official agents started by saying it would cost £96, + vat to confirm it wasn't working , huh, wtf , also they don't do cluster repairs but only install new clusters that would then need to be programmed in, yep more cost, so in my head I'm counting up around 2K for this service , huh, wtf, . . . .
Went on line, found CARTRONIX, Waterlooville, Hampshire, phoned, went to Post Office cost £11.0 express delivery, CARTRONIX phoned me NEXT MORNING for payment, £150.0 plus delivery £13.0 , paid over the phone on the spot, COURIER took 8 ( eight ) days to return Speedometer so hats off to the great ROYAL MAIL
Thank You . . . . COURIER . . . . rubbish . . . . CARTRONIX brilliant, THANK YOU . . . . installed and working as it's supposed to.
I figured that the mileage and odometer were still working then the sender on the gearbox must be working hence the fault was the cluster, if the mileage did not increase on travel then it would probably be the sensor on the gearbox faulty, hope this is useful guy's
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Re: Speedometer Needle - cluster - sensor - gearbox

Postby Kenton » Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:40 pm

Clusters from this year shouldn't need coding. I am using one from the scrappy until mine is serviced. Cost £20 and only downside on this unit is the led's are quite dim, and the mileage is showing +300k! Lol. Clocks still work fine though!
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Re: Speedometer Needle - cluster - sensor - gearbox

Postby axxeman » Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:00 pm

I had this on my '04 TC and all I needed to do was to get to the connection of the gearbox sensor to the loom and give the plug and socket a good clean and spray with white grease. Fixed it and never had a problem since ...
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