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The Show and Shine 2012

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The Show and Shine 2012

Postby Luke » Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:17 am

The show and shine will be held on sunday 28th August :D

It's free to enter for anyone with a Transit 8)

Dont think your van wont be welcome if its not to a 'show standard' all Transits are welcome - it's a great time meet other owners, swap ideas and just get to know each other :D and it makes for some great pictures having 100 Transits from all ages parked up next to each other 8)

We will start to line the vans up at 9:00 this usually takes a long time :lol: We will have the show and shine area marked out before hand :D

As your van is parked up you will be given a sheet to put in your screen, this will have a number on and also what mk your van is and what catagory you want it entering into (we'll get to the catagorys later) :D There is also space on the sheet to write details of your van and your forum username (if you have one)

At 11:00 most of the vans will be lined up and we will then hand out the voting sheets - these are given to everyone and anyone who wants one (one per person - no cheating :lol: ) the sheets are pritty self explanitary, you just choose your favorite 2 out of each catagory and an overall best of show :D

the catagorys (and how they are judged) are :arrow:

Standard Transit - these will have STA on the screen
These are regular everyday Transits – vans that don’t fit into other categories, judge these on overall condition, and appearance, and then pick your favourites!

Working Transits - these will have WRK on the screen
Vans in this category are working vehicles, out and about every day in all weathers doing what Transits are designed for. Consider what sort of work does this van do and its age? And how well the van is kept, obviously a recovery van is harder to keep in good condition than a flower delivery van.

Transit Campers - these will have CAM on the screen
All campers are included in this category, pick out your favourites, you can judge however you like but you might like to consider if the van is a self built camper and the owner has built it him/herself then the work they have but in, the layout design etc.

Modified Transits - these will have MOD on the screen
This category is very wide ranging – from engine swaps to body modifications, basically anything goes. Look on the sheet in the window for details of the mods, and choose your favourites based on how well the mods have been carried out

ICE Transits (In Car Entertainment) - these will have ICE on the screen
Judge these vans on the van as a complete package – not necessarily the loudest but look at the quality of the in-car-entertainment it provides. Points to look for are the quality and features of the installation.

you can only choose one catagory for your van to be in :!:

As soon as the sheets are handed out at 11:00 we will start collecting them in and totalling up the marks, to be sure your vote gets counted you need to have it handed in by 13:00

at 13:00 - 14:00 we will be having the sound off (details in another thread) this will give us time to count up the last votes :)

When all the votes are counted up we will present the trophys at 14:00

The trophys are for :arrow:

mk1 1st place 2nd place 3rd place

mk2 1st place 2nd place 3rd place

mk3 1st place 2nd place 3rd place

mk4/5 1st place 2nd place 3rd place

mk6 1st place 2nd place 3rd place

mk7 1st place 2nd place 3rd place

Connect 1st place (might even have 1st/2nd this year depending on how many are coming)

Working Transit 1st place Working Transit 2nd place Working Transit 3rd place

Standard Transit 1st place Standard Transit 2nd place Standard Transit 3rd place

Modified Transit 1st place Modified Transit 2nd place Modified Transit 3rd place

Transit Camper 1st place Transit Camper 2nd place Transit Camper 3rd place

ICE install 1st place ICE install 2nd place ICE install 3rd place

The Sound off winner

The Adrian Williams Memorial Trophy - Best of show

A total of 36 trophys - all voted for by the viewing public 8) any 1 van can win a maximum of 3 trophys :D

I think that covers it all - any questions just ask :D and if i've missed anything i'll edit it in :D
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