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tyre pressures

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Re: tyre pressures

Postby HairyFool » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:44 pm

What I see fairly often is people unwilling to get near the limits of the tyres for "safety" reasons. They think that if a tyre load rating is close to their working load or that they need to use a pressure close to that marked on the tyre is in some way dangerous. As the tyre manufacturer has incorporated safety margins in the values what they end up with is margins added to margins.

My tyres have 65 PSI marked on them and I am quite happy to get close to that, the only reason I would baulk within a couple of PSI is I don't really know how accurate my gauge is. Similarly with load factor, if you have too high a load factor above working load the tyre will not flex properly to put down a good footprint so traction would be reduced.
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Re: tyre pressures

Postby mike10 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:32 am

Also worth bearing in mind that tyre pressures are set when cold and subject to change in use.
I have a tyre pressure monitor on my van and the fronts are set at 55 psi cold, but I often see them go up to well over 60 when on a run.
Likewise the rears can go from 70 psi when cold up to almost 80 when fully loaded on the motorway.
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