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Looking to rent work space/tools/maybe a helping hand (EU)

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Looking to rent work space/tools/maybe a helping hand (EU)

Postby Jetto » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:17 pm

Getting ready to begin the conversion soon and need a good work space with tools to rent. In the northern areas it would have to be an enclosed garage because the cold sucks and makes everything more difficult. In the south, outside would be fine. Can be anywhere from UK/EU/Turkey/Ukraine, I'm really without boundaries (except those imposed by covid restrictions).
Extra points if there's a fellow van life type with skilled hands out there who is looking for extra work, especially when it comes to electrical and finishing.
About us: we're a multi national couple with 2 dogs (giant poodle types). Not building on a budget, trying to make something extremely unique (which translates in to complicated and expensive). Any help would be appreciated.

For those about to say buy the tools, no. I would prefer to rent someone's entire garage space with tools than spend a couple k on tools i'll use once and abandon. I'll carry misc mechanical tools, drill and a few other things but when it comes to the rest, it would be much cheaper for me to rent them. Or, I could buy them for someone else in exchange for help, either option would be fine, I just don't want to end up loaded with a garage full of unused tools.
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