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New Member... with a request...

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New Member... with a request...

Postby Snoho3 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 6:11 pm

Greetings! New member here. I have previously converted and continue to enjoy a '19 High Top Promaster. The conversion process was fun, and I now have about 70k miles on the van. I'm thinking I'd like to start the process over again, this time with an AWD vehicle. Question - is there anyone in the Seattle/Snohomish area with a converted Transit (whether professional or DIY) that I could come and take a quick look at? Doesn't need to be fancy or even complete, I'd just like to take a look at one that is not on a dealer's lot. If there is any interest I could drive over in my Promaster and we could compare notes. Or not, if that's not of interest to you. Thanks in advance and I look forward to learning more about Transits in this forum.
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