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26v across the board??

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26v across the board??

Postby oldiguana » Sun Mar 03, 2024 7:33 pm

hi all, i have a 1999 leisuredrive conversion theres no 12v everythin seems to run off 240v..but both batteries are saying 26v??
really struggling figure it out..im going to trace what i can and try suss it..the vans quite good and doesn’t seem like anyones been messing any suggestions much appreciated oldiguana
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Re: 26v across the board??

Postby TorhanPiper » Mon Apr 01, 2024 12:48 pm

Hey oldiguana, that sounds like a head-scratcher with your Leisure Drive conversion. Here's what I can suggest to help you troubleshoot the 12v situation:

Double-Check Battery Readings:

Multimeter: First things first, grab a multimeter if you have one. Double-check the voltage readings directly at the battery terminals (not just what the gauges are saying). 26v on a 12v battery system is definitely not right.
Battery Condition: Even if the voltage reads slightly high (around 13v), it could indicate a battery on its way out. Consider the age of the batteries (1999 suggests they might be nearing the end of their lifespan).
Following the 12v Trail:

12v Fuse Box: See if your Leisure Drive has a separate 12v fuse box. It might be hidden somewhere inconspicuous. Check the fuses for any blown ones that could be interrupting the 12v supply.
Isolation Switch: Some Leisure Drives might have an isolation switch that disconnects the 12v system. Make sure it's turned on if present.
240v to 12v Converter:

Possible Converter Fault: It's possible your Leisure Drive has a 240v to 12v converter that's malfunctioning. These can fail over time. If you can locate the converter (might be near the fuse box), listen for any buzzing or humming noises that could indicate a fault.

Additional Tips:

Professional Help: If you're not comfortable troubleshooting electrical systems yourself, consider taking your Leisure Drive to a qualified auto electrician familiar with campervan conversions.
Safety First: Be cautious when working with electrical systems. Always disconnect the batteries before tinkering with any wiring.
Hopefully, this helps you pinpoint the source of the missing 12v in your voojio Leisure Drive. Good luck and happy vanning!

Re: 26v across the board??

Postby Altransit » Mon Apr 01, 2024 11:10 pm

oldiguana wrote:hi all, i have a 1999 leisuredrive conversion theres no 12v everythin seems to run off 240v..but both batteries are saying 26v??

There is no way that your van batteries are producing 26v, so I would firstly suspect a fault with your test meter, or it's internal batteries are low.

Do you have another vehicle to test the voltage on, or can you beg or borrow another meter to check yours :?:
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Re: 26v across the board??

Postby richbee » Wed Apr 10, 2024 1:58 pm

Just wondering if they are set up as a 24V system instead of 12V - in which case 26V would not be out of the way?
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Re: 26v across the board??

Postby dumper » Wed Apr 10, 2024 8:28 pm

I’m no expert on modern electronics but we had a van that was overcharging and boiling the battery and blowing bulbs so I would expect 26 volts going into a 12 volt system to damage the ecu .i do know of someone trying to jump a 12volt car off at work with a 24 volt jump pack and he ended up scraping it
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