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240v options.

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240v options.

Postby Stav242 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:35 pm

ive just picked up my first Ford Transit Campervan, and been looking through what ive got.

it had a 240v shoreline installed, wired to 3 sockets in the van, wierdly they are all wired brown>N, blue>L and Green>Earth with a cable linking one side of the van to the other by going down under the vehicle and weaving through the subframe underneath (*hanging a bit loose*).

anyway, after seeing that mess, ive ripped it all out and replaced it all, wired correctly & routed internally.

it also has solar, 12v mptt charge controller and 2 leisure batteries to a 12v system in the van for usb, lights and 12v sockets.

I wanted 240v off-grid as well... so ive dug out an old APC CS-500 UPS i had hanging around with no batteries, wired it into the 12v leisure batteries and into the 240v shoreline and 240v van setup.

so when i turn it on for 240v use, it now provides 240v auto-switching (UPS function) between shoreline and batteries.
it also charges the 12v batteries when it connected to the shoreline.

can anyone see any issue with using a computer UPS in this way ?
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Re: 240v options.

Postby Cider Andy » Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:53 am

They only problem I could foresee with that set-up is if the battery capacity is now much greater than it was as a UPS, once the batteries are low it might exceed the charging capacity of the UPS.
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