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Recovery Hook, I’d trial fit it today!

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Recovery Hook, I’d trial fit it today!

Postby wild camper » Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:31 am

I wanted to use the recovery hook (page 157 of my handbook) and had all sorts of problems
The first one is trying to find the “hook”, the handbook gives 5 possible locations and a Ford YouTube video states it’s with the toolkit stowed within the front step storage compartment ( but doesn’t bother to actually show it)
Mine was in none of these locations it was in the engine compartment, drivers side on top of the wheelarch, under the windscreen washer fill tube, very difficult to see
The installation point is on the LHS front bumper, not easily seen because you have to prize out a body coloured cover ( you need a screwdriver)
There’s a number of sellers, selling replacement primed covers, so I don’t know if the covers tend to break off during a tow, I’d probably cover it with duct tape to the bumper or pull it off completely and snap it back in place after the tow
The final problem is getting the recovery hook screwed into its fixing point, it’s stated that it’s left hand thread (turn counter clockwise) but mine just won’t screw in!
The bumper and the hole may be misaligned but I just get a “ clunking” noise and the thread won’t start to grip
My vehicle is going in for service on Monday, so I’ll try to get it added to the list of items to fix
I just thought I’d give you the heads up of the problems so that you don’t get caught out when/if you need it by the roadside, have a trial run now when you don’t need it to see if you encounter any problems
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