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Fuel Gauge Stopped Working

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Fuel Gauge Stopped Working

Postby MadeInYorkshire » Tue Apr 02, 2024 8:37 pm

I'm hoping someone can please advise.
I've got a 2020 2l 280 Transit Custom and the fuel gauge has stopped working. The needle is on empty and the 'distance remaining' is showing zero. I know for a fact that there is fuel in it.
The van hasn't been used since October due to me breaking a bone in my foot which is struggling to heal correctly. When I tried to start the van a couple of days ago the battery was flat and wouldn't start. I've therefore had to put it on charge until this evening when it started fine but then showed the problem with the gauge.
If anyone could advise I'd be very grateful.
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Re: Fuel Gauge Stopped Working

Postby metalworker0 » Wed Apr 03, 2024 7:53 pm

Well, if it was old school , which it isn't ..i would say there is something wrong with the fuel level gauge in the tank.

What i do know....the fuel level gauge incorporates the fuel pump and is in the tank as a unit..so you might have to buy this as a complete unit.

The fuel level gauge is a float that operates an electronic variable resistor within this unit.

The tank will have to be dropped down to replace it

Looks like this:


Don't rule out, could be something else though , now you have with any modern vehicle a bunch of electronics and a BCM...which you will need a scanner to read.
It will probably say no signal from fuel level unit ..see above.
or it may be a case of just resetting something in the software.

Could also be:
Wiring and connectors
Fuel float fallen off
Fuel float leak, not floating and full of fuel -- so sunk to bottom of travel

all the best.mark
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