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2.2l Bad flat spots after EGR replacement, no codes ‐ SOLVED

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2.2l Bad flat spots after EGR replacement, no codes ‐ SOLVED

Postby Gordy97 » Mon Jun 10, 2024 8:10 pm

Posting this up in case it helps anyone else in the future. This symptom could also exist without an EGR replacement, it's not particular to the EGR valve.

My experience:

I had an EML light come on a couple of months ago, pulled the codes in FORScan which showed P0405 ‐ EGR Sensor Circuit A Low. During this time, a few weeks, the van was driving superbly given the EGR wasn't in operation. On the lead up to the EGR valve failing I recall the van also driving great, probably as the EGR valve diminished over time.

I replaced the EGR valve with a Pierburg unit (Part No: 7.03784.34.0) which appears to be who Ford use from factory. Problem fixed, EML cleared and FORScan confirmed valve operation as expected.

Immediately notice bad flat spots when driving under 2K rpm, when the EGR is in operation. Noticeably worse at constant throttle, when ascending etc.

Reset the learned EGR values with FORScan ‐ maybe a mild improvement, maybe placebo effect, who knows but still bad flat spots.

Checked all the values for the MAF, IAT, etc. which all appeared to be 'normal' based on info I could find online. Decided to clean the MAF anyway, with some Liqui Moly MAF cleaner ‐ better improvement this time, but dropped off after a couple of days back to how it was.

On a gut feeling, ordered a replacement MAF. Bosch part no: 0986280700. Reset the learned EGR and the MAF values this time with FORScan. Problem solved, no more flat spots!

The van had done just over 50k miles at this time.
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