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2010 Connect Limited 15" alloys and Michelins

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2010 Connect Limited 15" alloys and Michelins

Postby highroof » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:02 pm

Hi, as title, 4 standard 15" alloys from my Connect. Diamond cut rims and centre caps, and silver painted spokes. All with used Michelin tyres in the standard 195 size. About 4 mm left on them, which given how slowly they seem to wear out, should mean they last for years! As usual on these alloys, on some of the polished parts, water had got under the lacquer and had made them start to look tatty. I have alloy polishing mops to deal with this, so stripped back the lacquer in the affected areas and re-polished the alloy, and they now look close to how they did when new. They're in very nice condition, no buckles or kerbing or staining from brake dust.

I'd like £250 for them, but they don't seem to come up very often, so guessing at the value really. The wheels are currently located in Southampton. I, and they, will be back in Newcastle in a few weeks, so it's either collection from these locations, or I don't mind meeting up anywhere in between when I travel back. I can take some phone pics and send them if needed. Not sure if I can get them on here, I'll have a look.

Best way to contact me is on 07909 902828 anytime. Cheers, Andy.
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