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Buying and selling on the forum

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Buying and selling on the forum

Postby Luke » Tue Nov 24, 2015 2:30 pm

It's free to list private sales on the forum :D unfortunately as with any forum there are some people who will use the site to basically advertise parts they don't have and steal money sent to them! we do not have any way to regulate this :(

Helpful tips on how to avoid being ripped offto avoid this happening to you follow these tips!

Check the details ie. address phone number email etc. against the list of banned members we have
*****CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF BANNED MEMBERS DETAILS*****if the details match it means that member has rejoined back up - please report it to me!

Carry out all transactions on the forum - ie. reply to a post on the forum rather than through PM and if you don't receive the goods reply to the post, that way it gives early warning to others if your parts have not arrived!

check previous for sale post the member has made to see if all transactions have been ok.

By all means reply to the post when your item has arrived to let others know the seller is trustworthy

Keep details of all money sent and the address's phone numbers etc.

if you have paid by Paypal remember you only have 45 days to claim your money back!
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